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Mitas E-07+ Enduro Trail+ - 1300GS COMBO

Mitas E-07+ Enduro Trail+ - 1300GS COMBO

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Includes Sizes; 

- 170/60 R17

- 120/70 R19

Mitas E-07+ Enduro Trail+ - the tire that blends durability, performance, and versatility for the ultimate adventure. Crafted by Mitas, a brand synonymous with off-road excellence, these tires are engineered to take your enduro riding to the next level.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Purpose Mastery: The E-07+ Enduro Trail+ is the perfect companion for riders who demand a tire that excels both on and off the road. Whether you're navigating challenging trails or cruising on highways, these tires deliver exceptional performance in any terrain.

  2. Aggressive Tread Design: Conquer the most rugged landscapes with the E-07+ Enduro Trail+'s aggressive and optimized tread pattern. Experience superior traction, control, and stability on a variety of surfaces, from mud and gravel to hard-packed trails.

  3. Enhanced Durability: Mitas is renowned for creating tires that withstand the toughest conditions, and the E-07+ Enduro Trail+ is no exception. With a focus on durability, these tires are built to endure the rigors of off-road adventures, providing reliability mile after mile.

  4. All-Weather Confidence: Ride with confidence, rain or shine. The E-07+ Enduro Trail+ is designed to offer consistent performance in various weather conditions, ensuring you can tackle your off-road escapades regardless of the elements.

  5. Long-Lasting Performance: Mitas' commitment to quality is evident in the E-07+ Enduro Trail+. These tires are engineered for a longer tread life, allowing you to maximize your riding experiences without the worry of frequent replacements.

Gear up for unparalleled adventures with Mitas E-07+ Enduro Trail+ tires. Dominate the trail, explore new horizons, and make every ride an unforgettable journey. Choose Mitas for a tire that seamlessly blends off-road capability with on-road comfort. Order your set today and embark on your next great off-road adventure!


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