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SHAD Tank Bag 3ltr Micro (LSL-X0SE03C)

SHAD Tank Bag 3ltr Micro (LSL-X0SE03C)

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E03C TANK BAG 3L (Click System)


E03C Click System tank bag, 3 liters capacity (2 kg loads). Designed in Barcelona.

Attachment system Click System (patent pending) provides for easy and quick bag installation. Removal is truly convenient given built-in button. The system achieves perfect aesthetic integration on the motorcycle’s tank.

Manufactured in ABS that abide by REACH environmental regulations and up to 1,000 hours of UV ray exposure.

Each E03C bag includes a rain cover.

The cover has a mesh separation which opens with a zip and allows organisation. It has zips to close with padlocks, adapted even when wearing gloves. It includes a carrying handle, a shoulder handle, and reflective elements to increase visibility when facing other vehicles.

Installing the attachment kit Click System is required.

Accessories (not included): Lock mechanism with 2 keys included (LSL-X1SESTLR)

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