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SHAD Top Case SH39 CARBON (LSC-D0B39106)

SHAD Top Case SH39 CARBON (LSC-D0B39106)

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39-litre capacity top case that can hold a full-face helmet or two helmets: full-face and jet. It combines design and functionality and stands out due to its lightness and volume optimization. It also includes the Press Lock System and different cover colours.

The SH39 represents a new top case generation that evolves and improves to offer products that include the best techniques and treat the design details with the utmost care. This option includes a carbon look cover as standard equipment which gives it a multipurpose, aggressive and aerodynamic look, both urban and agile,
Designed thinking about those who look for the highest level of sophistication and style, the SH39 top case is sportive, elegant and practical. It has been made with the utmost care in the technical details and an avant-garde design, with curved shapes and reflectors made in different materials (piano black and smoked white) integrated in the top case’s shape. It also features a semi-circular curve in the back of the case to improve the ergonomics for the second passenger.
It is the lightest case of its class, as both the base and the cover are designed with the minimum thickness. The internal volume has been optimized and achieves the maximum use of space, with a real 39-litre capacity.
It is made with materials of the highest quality to achieve the highest resistance and exclusivity. Combining innovative techniques with nerve structures, it gives them the consistence of a compact block. With capacity to hold 2 jet helmets or a modular and a jet, it has the perfect size both to move around the city and to go on longer trips, which allows it to be adapted both to scooters and to medium displacement motorcycles.
It has the Press Lock System, a simple and hermetic pressure lock system. As all the SHAD motorcycle top cases, it can be open and closed with only one hand, without the need to use the key to open it. We will only use the key when we want to lock it to the motorcycle. It has a slit that takes the role of ergonomic handle to make it easier to carry.
There is also the possibility to change the carbon cover for any of the existing options: white, metallic black or new titanium. As in the whole SHAD range, it also has a tintable option to customize it to your taste.
As optional accessories, we offer the backrest and braking light. The backrest (LSA-D0RI3900) offers more comfort for the passenger, as well as giving a unique style to the whole bike. The braking light (LSA-D0B40KL) is made with energy-saving leds and is very easy to install, as it fits in the lower part of the top case’s base. This increases security, as the bike is more visible from behind.
As the rest of the SHAD motorcycle top cases (except for TR48/TR37), it includes the plate and the screws kit.
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